talent concept

guiding talent development: implementation of the "human resource is the first resource" in thinking.
Talent development approach: implement the party and the country's "development of services, human resources priorities, to use-oriented, innovative mechanisms, high-end leading, integrated development," 24-character principle.
Talent development strategy concept: all corners of inclusive talent, eclectic talents down, everyone is a talent, expertise and resources.
adhere to the principles of talent development strategy of "human resource is the first resource", to give priority to the principle of development; adhere to the "investment in human resources is the effectiveness of the best investment," the principle of priority investment; adhere to "democratic open competition and selection ", first selected in line with requirements of the development of Shenhua scientific principles of human resources; adhere to the" value investment philosophy, "the principle of priority to developing high-end talent.
Talent development strategic objectives: to build energy-class talent.

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